Happy CD1

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am so glad to report that I'm curled up in my recliner thanks to CD1 and the awesome cramps :) But whatever! Time to get started with the successful follistim+progesterone cycle!

(So, if you're keeping track, I took my last dose of progesterone Friday morning, and I started 48 hours later...)


One of my 2010 "resolutions", of sort, is to make more friends my age, who have things in common with me. One of my ideas is to put up a flyer at my RE's office that I'm interested in getting together with others of us who are struggling to have kids. Not that I want this aspect of my life to hang around much longer, but it's a part of me now, and maybe (if I'm lucky), I could make friendships that might transcend pregnancy after IF. (?) Except, as much as I love my idea, I have a few concerns:

-I have no experience being a support group facilitator, and I guess we'd be forming sort of a support group, but when it comes down to it, I'd like the "format" to be us just meeting for coffee (decaf? haha) and just talking about what's going on.

-My RE is "over the mountain", and while I don't mind going over there to meet if most of the girls live over there (which I don't know if they do or not), I'd actually like more to find people on my side of the mountain to hang out with. Not that driving 40 minutes is terribly awful, but.... then I start to wonder if I should inquire at the local OBgyn offices first...

-I don't even know if my RE would let me put up the flyer, nor have I run this by Mr. A to see what he thinks about it.

-What happens when we get pregnant this cycle? (HA)

What do you think? Would you ask to put up the flyer?

ETA: Mr. A is not a fan of the flyer idea.... so probably back to the drawing board! Leslie, Thanks for suggesting starting a RESOLVE group, that might be a better idea!!!


Leslie said...

I am sorry about AF & the cramps! I hope that resting & reclining helps! I too have wanted to make more friends as my job is not quite as demanding as it used to be (thankfully!). Have you thought about starting a RESOLVE group near you? If you go to the RESOLVE website, I think it will walk you through how to start a group and maybe this way, you could start it on your side of the mountain as well! Just a thought! Wishing you the best for this upcoming cycle!! Lots of success vibes to you!!

Al said...

Glad AF showed up so you can get going on your next cycle!

I think it's a great idea to start a support group or a resolve group in your area - I think putting a flyer up in the REs office would be a cool way to start and I'm sure there are many women that travel to get to the office as you do. Maybe just start my asking people to email you if they're interested and go from there??

Good luck this cycle!

AplusB said...

Sorry about the cramps, but cheers to a new cycle and new regimen! Quick Q for you...did you do the suppositories or PIO for the progesterone? Any advice/thoughts? This will be my first cycle taking it.
BTW, I think getting a support group together is a great idea. What about something through your church bulletin? Maybe you don't want to tell your church friends, though...

the misfit said...

What about advertising for a meet-up group via craigslist? Or, something through your parish? Or, maybe put a message on one of the big infertility message boards (don't know the names)? I can see that a flyer might be tricky - your RE might not like it for patient confidentiality reasons, among others. The ideal thing would be to get a person who could tip you off to who else would be good targets. Would your pastor have suggestions???

Praying for Hope said...

I don't think a support group is a bad idea at all. There are others in your vicinity dealing with IF: it wouldbe nice for everyone to meet others IRL dealing with the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Leslie's idea about starting a RESOLVE group is great. I started attending RESOLVE meetings when we moved back to Florida during the summer and I've been attending ever since. It's nice to have the online community, but it's also great to be able to meet up with women and talk face-to-face about everything. We cry, we laugh, we whine. I even brought my hubby last time--he loved it!

Melissa said...

Boo to cramps! Sorry. But here's to a new regimen & meds!

So, you'll never guess where I found my support group...Starbucks...of all places. A woman around 26 years old wanted women her age who were going through the same thing. She posted a flyer and even created a website. However, I haven't gone back since they believe I'm old. And I'm only 30. Nice.

Good luck and seriously, that RESOLVE idea sounds awesome!

Leah said...

The only thing I was going to add about the support group, is that I tried to join one, and it was so difficult, because women would get pregnant (which is great) and leave the group, and then the leftover group members would feel a bit sad because their turn hasn't come yet.

I love the idea though, and love that you are taking the initiative. I think it would be impossible to go through all of this without support of people who have first hand experience with it all.

Happy CD1 to you!