Thursday, July 30, 2009

At 10dpo, I'm still making my way through the 2ww without (totally) going bonkers. Do you know how hard it is not to read into symptoms? Oh wait, yes you do. Whew.

I have been having some sensitivity in one of my back teeth that began just in the past couple days. I'll be honest, I don't floss every day (shame on me, I know- please don't yell at me- I know it's important and I promise to be better!), and it kind of felt like I had a popcorn thing stuck or something, so last night I had had enough of this feeling and I went to floss. Oh my heavens. After flossing my entire mouth, I was spitting blood for like 5 times!! (Gross, sorry!) Now, not to worry, this is not normal, and I think I do have good dental hygiene, but I start to get very worried I'm going to have to have major dental surgery or something right when I could be pregnant! What if the xrays harm the potential baby?!

My mouth is still pretty sensitive this morning, and I promise to floss again today (and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...) to see if there is any difference. But of course then this morning I remember that during pregnancy there is increased blood flow and that sometimes people have these kinds of things happen to them early on.... then I go.ogled it and read that due to hormones during pregnancy, even your mouth chemistry is different and reacts to food particles, etc. differently, so there might be more irritation from them to begin with! Oh heavens.

Then I remind myself that clomid can create all same symptoms as pregnancy when there is none, and I should just stop letting myself run away with all this. I still feel really bloated and fairly tired (tiredness normal in 2ww, though). And I my stomach still feels funny sometimes. And (unless I'm making it up) I feel some tightening cramping type things sometimes. Oh if I could only see inside!!

In the interest of showing my very first temp chart since December 2008, here it is. It is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Wouldn't it be crazy if the first cycle I charted in 8 months was our first successful one?

(PS. Sew, if you are reading, I'm still praying for you!!)


Praying for Hope said...

I've often wanted to see inside, too. I would save a lot of hassle during the 2WW. After peak, the egg either disintegrates soon after or continues on to become a baby. There must be a way to tell if there's nothing there. I hope this 2WW moves quickly for you. The first half isn't bad, but the 2nd is torture.

Sew said...

Thank you for your prayers!!

I am praying for you 10dpo with mucho hope!!!

Jen said...

thanks for your comments this morning.

i'm hoping these are NOT clomid related for you and truly lead to a positive! oh how awesome it would be to be able to see inside!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty chart!

Very pretty indeed! I didn't have my 3rd jump until 14 dpo--the day of the HPT! So be on the look out for that next!!!

the misfit said...

That chart IS classic. And such pretty colors! What did you use to make it?

Anonymous said...

Oh I totally have pregnancy symptoms and it is driving be bonkers. Is it cramps for my period or cramps for a baby? Am I tried because, well, everyone is tired or is the baby sucking the life out of me? Do I have a baby bump or did I just eat too much ice cream? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for linking to me. You made me smile. :)