One Glass of Wine?!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

So there is a winery about 5 minutes from my house that we recently discovered, and I've been telling my sister who lives close that she should come over and we could go do a tasting. Well today she is off (and I took a long lunch break), and we went over to check it out.

We had a really nice tasting, and decided to each get a glass of our favorite selection and sit on the patio overlooking the vineyard and mountains. It was heavenly! You might think I had had enough of my sisters from our RV trip a couple weeks ago, but we are super close. Our other sister even called while we were sitting there!! I sure pray that our children are so close-knit!

Anyway, as I'm ordering my glass of vidal blanc, I'm thinking to myself "Um, hello, you are 9dpo. Should you really be having this glass of wine?!" But then I counter myself with "I think I read somewhere that at this point the hypothetical baby isn't even getting any of your blood, so I think you're okay to have this glass of wine." So my latter self wins, and soon my sister and I are kicked back at an adorable table for two with awesome scenery in front of us.

I really hope I didn't mess things up.

Because that would really stink. I mean, we can't sit alone in a padded room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every 2ww, right?

An hour and a half or so later (we really took our time!), I am sitting there thinking, "Wow, this one glass of wine was a doozy!" I don't think vidal blanc has any crazy-intense alcohol content, but it definitely went to my head a little more than normal! Not that I was falling down the stairs or anything, or even remotely goofy, but usually I don't feel like I did until after 2 glasses or so!

So this made me itching to google the topic, and I found (as if google is all scientific/legitimate studies) that progesterone supposedly decreases the body's capability to process alcohol! This is the craziest thing to me- I honestly am beginning to suspect that I never produced enough progesterone, because I have never noticed such a difference in wine effects!! Not that I am a wine drukard, but I enjoy a glass every couple of weeks or so!

I pray that the baby/s will forgive me, and I promise not to have any more wine until Monday, when I am praying I don't start another cycle...


Hope said...

I got your comment and no, I didn't even know I was in the 2ww. I actually didn't think the Clomid worked for me...I got scanned and everything. But apparently it did! Just later than I knew and we just happened to have a few glasses of wine that night and have a fun night :) I was actually taking progesterone trying to induce my period to start another cycle and that's when I found out I was pregnant! CRAZY!!

I have extremely good thoughts for you!!! I had totally given up the thought it would work when it did. Keep my posted!!!!!

the misfit said...

That's fascinating about the progesterone and the alcohol. And it upsets me (although it is TOTALLY not my business) that people feel like they can't have caffeine or alcohol and have to be on ice for the 2ww. IFers have a lot of 2wws, and a lot of periods and tears. It's too much that in addition to all that, we shouldn't be able to enjoy even what hasn't been taken away. Lots of women drink (sometimes TONS) before finding out they're pregnant and the babies are fine!