Follistim Day 7!

Friday, October 09, 2009

So tomorrow, the friend I met last week for coffee and her husband and daughter are coming for dinner!! I am so excited!! I am going to make lasagna!!!!!!!! For dessert, I've been trying to think of what to make, and I have all the ingredients for pumpkin pie, but I don't have any cool whip. If you went to someone's house for dinner and they served pumpkin pie with no cool whip for dessert, would you think that was weird? Mr. A is not a cool whip kind of guy, so he maintains that cool whip is totally unnecessary, but since I could eat half a container by myself, I always look forward to having it with pumpkin pie......

Not that buying a tub of cool whip is out of the question- I'm just tying to avoid going to the store!!

Other than that, work is going nowhere this week. With all the appointments and researching about who had what success after how many cycles of follistim, I've been pretty distracted. Good thing Mr. A is hunting after work tonight- I need to put in some extra hours!!

Speaking of follistim, I am feeling a little more soreness in the ovary area today, so I'm hoping those follicles are making some great eggies. If I am doing my math right and they are progressing normally, I should have about a 22mm, 17mm, and 16mm ready to go at trigger time tomorrow :) I think that is pretty decent, right? Hope there will be partying and' up when Mr. A's boys arrive!!!

The follistim shots themselves have been going really smoothly! Will keep you posted how the hcg goes tomorrow- my RE is going to give me a teeny needle so I can do it subcutaneously instead of IM. After tonight's follistim, I will have 25iu left in the cartridge with an unused 900iu in the fridge! I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and order the next round of follistim (takes about a week to get here), or if (since I still have 900iu), should I wait until CD1 (of course praying there isn't one) to order the next round, in the miraculous blessed event that I won't need another round?? I figure even if they bump me up to 225iu per night, if I order a new round on CD1, my 900iu cartridge will last me till CD7, and hopefully the meds would arrive that day.... decisions, decisions.

Just wanted to reiterate, I am praying that there won't be another cycle...until next fall....

And finally, a prayer request for my friend-of-a-friend D. They connected with a birthmom through a fellow church member. Birthmom had originally considered abortion, but fellow church member talked to her about adoption and she decided she wanted to place her baby for adoption. Enter my friend D. D felt very strongly that this was the baby that God had intended for her and her hubby, and the birthmom also expressed interest in placing baby with D. D accompanied birthmom to her first prenatal appointment yesterday, and to their utter devastation, there was no baby in the sac. All parties involved are obviously crushed, so please keep them in your prayers as everyone heals. The birthmom is not a Christian, so D is amazingly looking beyond her own grief to use this opportunity to minister to the birthmom and maybe plant a seed about living for Christ!! It's a very raw reminder that God uses everything for good if we give Him that opportunity.


Ann - Building a Nest said...

Go foll.istem! Great results. I would NOT order until/unless there was another CD1. It will get here in plenty of time if you have to order it.

Sew said...

This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Matt and Jenny said...

i'm glad the follistem is going well!!!

isn't cool whip great?! guys just don't seem to like it as much as we do!

Hillary said...

All great news! Have fun with your friends! I would probably prefer whipped cream on my pumpkin whip 2nd...and plain last. :) But, it's good no matter what (if anything) goes on top!

I would wait to order meds...hopefully you won't need them :) Can't they overnight them?