Shot at Dinner

Monday, October 05, 2009

Shots at (before, really) dinner are going well! And I don't even have a bruise from the one last night! I must be getting good ;-)

For those of you who use HCG (trigger or during LP), a few questions:
  • What is your dosage?
  • Do you inject it subcutaneously or IM?
  • Do you have to mix it yourself?
I am trying to slowly prep myself for the HCG trigger (possibly/hopefully this weekend?), which I have to mix myself/ourselves. Also, the needle they sent with it is an IM needle, but my nurse said on Friday that I can take it subcutaneously, but I am worried that if I stick the needle all the way in, like you're supposed to do with IM, I'll puncture my stomach or something! Ha!

And also, as far as a shot at dinner is concerned, I am soliciting for quick, easy, and cheap dinner suggestions. Well, they don't even have to be easy ;-) Ha! I am apparently getting into a rut, and Mr. A has encouraged me to try some new things. Here are his criteria:
  • No cream soups or cream sauces
  • No pork chops, and not a whole lot of pork otherwise
  • Not a huge focus on chicken
  • Likes turkey and beef most
  • Open to fish, rice, beans, or veggie entrees
  • Sandwiches are an option
I put the last one on there because, to me, sandwiches are a dinner cop out. I like to pride myself as a wife who cooks every night for dinner, and to me, "fixing" sandwiches is not really cooking and then I lump myself into the category of wives that don't cook. Not that that is necessarily bad (I know not everyone loves to cook like I do!!), but Mr. A's mom never cooked, and they always reflect/tease her about this as if they always wanted her to, and I don't want to have them be able to tease me about the same!

Anyway, I'd love to hear your favorites to spice up my menu/shopping list!!

(PS. My friend T emailed me this morning to say that the birth grandmother changed her stipulations, and that the agency has placed the baby girl. I was so praying that she might be the baby for my adopting readers, but I will certainly pass on any other opportunities that I hear about!!! T has really been encouraged by this whole situation, in terms of getting the word out that she's adopting to whoever she comes into contact with- this baby girl was the daughter of an acquaintance of an acquaintance of her friends in Florida! So I guess, I encourage you who're adopting to really let everyone you know in on that you're adopting!!)


Anonymous said...

What about lamb? You can do quick and easy lamb meatballs with cucumber/yogurt sauce, and some wild rice or pilaf on the side. You can do homemade 3-cheese mac&cheese or au gratin potatoes with roasted turkey breast. Shepherd's pie, beef stew, and chili are good too. I love homemade enchiladas...
Can you tell I'm already ready for lunch? I'm making myself hungry :).

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I've only done the trigger shot IM in the hip, but I'd be nervous to too to use an IM needle in a sub-q area. My Dr. allows you to choose (but prefers IM in hip), but gives you a separate needle to use if you choose to do sub-q.

Anonymous said...

I am no help with the injections, but I can with dinner. What about a rotiserri chicken from the grocery store? Turkey/beef burgers? Salmon fillet? turkey with pasta?

Praying for Hope said...

Slow cooker stew or chili. Or burger, homemade fries (I bake mine drizzled with olive oil at 425 - 450, flipping a few times, until they look done), and corn with butter roasted jalepeno-honey butter. Or what about a homemade pizza with a ready-made crust?

Sorry I can't help with the injections.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

On food front:
If you look at AYWH's GI recipes, we do her chicken enchilladas (sp?) a lot, but w/o the green sauce and you could substitute it with another meat like gr. beef or gr. turkey. Freezes well, too, as it makes too much for us to eat in one night.

I like making quick homemade pizzas - meatless or w/ gr. beef. You can use the thin crust pillsbury pizza crust in refridge section (my pre-gi days; now I have to make my own crust that takes a while). & add whatever toppings;

Greek turkey burgers: ground turkey with feta & frozen spinach (thawed & squeezed dried) & seasoning w/ sweet potato fries.

The Wife said...

I'm not a doctor, but from my wealth of knowledge, here are my answers to your questions.
I always did triggers of 10,000 HCG. Boosters were 5,000 HCG. But I've heard of other women doing only 5,000 for the trigger.
I always did IM. Wasn't really given an option to do it sub-q.
When I was with Dr. T the nurse mixed it. Dr. G just had me do it myself (after they showed me how).
If you're going to do sub-q, then get a new needle. The long needle is needed for getting to the good spot in more "fleshy" areas of your body.
As far as food, if he likes turkey and beef then try this one: This one is good for sandwiches that don't eat like sandwiches: Hope this helps!

Baby Hungry said...

I am so sorry to read that your last cycle ended in AF instead of BFP. I wish you the best of luck with this new cycle. I think you are so brave with the shots. I would be a big baby. I have to go get a flu shot today and I am already freaking out a bit about it. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle!

sarahs51 said...

I have always had to mix it myself. I would have given myself HCG tonight if I would have had more then 1 big follie. I always had my husband give it in my hip so I am not sure if you weren't given a smaller needle how to not make it go in so far. Good Luck!
Any questions you think i could answer email me !

Hillary said...

I just wrote a list of very similar questions to ask my RE tomorrow! I have the menopur shots down, I think, but have no clue about the HCG injection. The one I have is 10,000, and I will have to mix it myself. Hopefully we both get it figured out tomorrow - I hope your appointment goes great!

Erica said...

On the food front, how about chicken parm? I have an easy recipe if you're interested!