Friday, October 30, 2009

What, only two of you think I'm not a loon for my probably-too-excitedly following of a pair of 20 year old's (about) as my new favorite celebrities? Ha!

Don't really feel like I have alot to say or report- follistim shots are going well! AND, my cartridge was overfilled by 150iu (I goog.led it on Wednesday because I was worried I did something wrong!!), but apparently it is not unusual for them to be overfilled. Whew! But that meant that I had to change the cartridge mid-dosage last night- luckily I got it changed and finished the rest of the dosage with the new cartridge. I go back for bloodwork and an u/s on Monday morning. Hopefully it'll show good progress!!

A friend of my sister's just found out she is expecting #2. She has PCOS, and they tried for a really long time for their daughter (born last August, thanks to clomid), and she decided to try accupuncture (no clomid- she had terrible s/e's) to try for #2 and enrolled in a university study. Well, she has been getting accupuncture for about 6 weeks, and it looks like it helped!! She is really surprised, but obviously thankful. She is about 2 years younger than me, but she has been a great support to me!! She emailed me on Tuesday to let me know her big news, and since I started Monday, I wondered if it would cause me to be somber as I thought about it more....but I felt called to "rejoice with those who rejoice"!!! (Rom 12:15) Perhaps God wants me to be encouraged by His newest baby creation...

And speaking of good ol' God, I am still working on that faith post. But I read something over at Think (+) Positive that really struck me last week:

"A dear friend of mine reminded me that in the Bible, it's documented that every single woman that prayed for a child received one. Every single one of them. It may not have been in their time, but it was in God's time, and I really do believe that if God gives you the desire to be a mother, He will indeed fulfill that desire, someway, somehow.

How could I believe all this and not be hopeful? How could I trust that God is in control and not praise Him for all He's given me, and all He'll continue to give to me in the future?"

Isn't that a neat thing to reflect on? We have many examples of women who have been in our shoes, and all of them received the blessing of motherhood after much heartache. Let's not falter in our praying for our kiddos!!! And although I laughingly agree with Sew's observation that we don't all have 80 years of fertility to play with like Sarah did (Ha! I am cracking up as I read that post of hers again!), we can take heart that God has lovingly provided encouragement for our journey!!!


Hillary said...

Glad the cycle is going well, and great news about your friend!

I really loved Tab's post, too. So encouraging and kept pointing me back to my hope in the Lord.

When is your first monitoring appointment?

prayerfuljourney said...

Good luck with the meds this cycle...glad you can handle them.

I don't know about God giving everyone a baby...I have always wanted to be a mother...not happening. I trust He has a bigger plan for my dh and I however I'm pretty sure it doesn't include me giving birth or having children of my own. I just have to accept that in order to move on in my life! So, if it's in His will happen. Who knows maybe my "children" are the students that I am going to teach one day.

That is great that you are looking for find joy in another's rejoicing...hard thing to do when one is announcing another baby is on the way, huh????

Ali Farmer said...

My friend had once told me about the women in the Bible and it is SO encouraging. On my most sad days I would always go read about Sarah and ask the Lord to give me faith like hers.

Glad your shots are going well

Melissa said...

That is really encouraging and bringing my hope level back up.

And thanks for making me cry by the way...

Thankful said...

Good luck with this cycle! You girls who inject are so tough - I am always in awe.

AplusB said...

Good luck this cycle!