Beginning of cycle #31?!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow, cycle #31 (CD2 today).

At the beginning of my cycles, I always feel a bit rebellious:
  • I become a brat about my prenatals. Why am I taking $20 per month prenatal vitamins? They clearly aren't the magical beans!
  • I drink coffee to my heart's content (still less than 3 cups per day, but after ovulation, I try to limit that to one cup. Why, I have no idea, clearly it doesn't make a difference!)
  • I allow myself to kick back with a beer with no guilt. Again, maybe I should try beer this cycle after ovulation! (Ironically, the beach week with Mr. A's family will probably start around 5dpo! Blah!)
  • I don't drink as much water as I probably should.
  • I don't feel guilty about having a c.oke (not the trademark specifically, but I think some localities would call it soda or pop generically...)
  • I openly mock people on Hu.nter's who go on record saying they're buying a new house because they are planning on having a family soon. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE! Ha!
Don't worry, my rebellious phase usually doesn't last long...


the misfit said...

I think I'm on board with the rebellious phase. Since I don't drink, period, I've never seriously grappled with the question of whether I would abstain because we're TRYING, but I strongly suspect I would just figure, to heck with it. The final outcome may include pregnancy, but on any given day, I can be fairly confident that it ain't so. Why not be allowed to live that way? There have to be some perks.

Hillary said...

lol, I can so relate!! Is it bad when the rebellious stage spreads throughout the whole month?? I keep telling myself I will "be good" when we can actually start treatments. Enjoy these couple weeks where you can relax :)