Content for Now

Friday, May 22, 2009

For once, I feel like I have been bumped in one direction over another.

My friend cautioned me to remain prayerful in all things, even with this new piece(s) of information, and I totally agree. I cannot let myself make Cl.omid a god or place it on a pedestal and believe it is what will bless us with new life. No, God is still the creator of all things, and God Himself is still who will bless us. He may use Cl.omid in the process, but it is not Cl.omid's plan that we are a part of, and I do not live my life in service to Cl.omid.

It feels nice to have this unexpected diagnosis and plan for treatment.

Another friend of mine is in a followup appointment for IF right as I am writing, and she thinks her doctor may prescribe Cl.omid also. It would be nice to have a cycle buddy (we are in completely different states, but our cycles are lined up!) on the first medicated cycle. I warned Mr. A about the potential emotional side effects, but I am just praying that it does not really affect me that much emotionally or, more importantly, physically in a bad way (thin lining, etc.). I was looking at the calendar again last night, and if I ovulate in the next two days, and I don't ovulate too late next cycle, we won't even have to worry about escaping the RV!!

I talked to two people yesterday about the RE appointment, and they both had anecdotal stories about successes on the medication. I am feeling very positive about it, but remaining as realistic as possible for myself that it is no guarantee the first time or any time for that matter! God is in control.

It is a beautiful day here, and I just want to hang out outside mowing the yard, weeding the flowerbeds and veggie garden, and making sure the hammock still works (haha). One of my poppy plants is blooming for the first time, and it is beautiful! I also saw a ladybug on one of my pincushion blooms this morning!

Maybe I can stop work early today and just be outside! I feel so content to trust God with His plan right now. Thank God for His awesome creation!


brigittemarie said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Yay ladybugs :)

Hillary said...

Amazingly, we can be hopeful every cycle because we know God is in control of the outcome...even if it's not pregnancy. But I think you can be extra hopeful knowing that God has set you up for clomid to help a potential fertility problem, and he may very well use it to get you pregnant! So I'm hoping with you :)

the misfit said...

Poppies are beautiful.

Grace in my Heart said...

Love the garden pics! I'm impressed. I think I'll have to invest in a fence like yours to keep our dog out :)