Got 'em!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I picked up the second prescription of my entire adult life this afternoon! (The other one being an anti-inflammatory for tendonitis in my foot 2 years ago while I was training for marathon #2.) I know it's way in advance, but I am supposed to start the day we get back from the beach, and since I don't have alot of experience with getting prescriptions filled (especially infertility ones), I wasn't sure how many days it would take for me to get it, and I didn't want to be sitting on CD3 without my Cl.omid!

I was cracking myself up because, as a result of me being so prescription-devoid, I felt so special to have one that I was looking forward to the little bottle with my info on it...they just gave me 5 of the tablets in their bubble packaging stuff in a baggie (with all the info of course)! Ha! Maybe I should have specified that I wanted a bottle...haha! My friend K (who'll be on her first cycle of Cl.omid with me next month!) is also on several prescriptions for a heart condition, and she thought this thought-train of mine was hilarious, as prescriptions are a necessary mundane part of her life (except of course this prescription, which we have very high hopes about)!

K also found out that her insurance does not cover meds (or at least not Cl.omid), a day after I jubilantly emailed her to say that mine does- I only had to pay $3.82!! I was bummed for her...but of course even $50-something is not alot, when you think of how much people pay for 6 IVF's to try for their first. It's all relative! (She agrees.)

I was congratulating myself on my refreshed state of mind this morning, as I'm 3dpo, and I haven't once googled "earliest possible implantation symptoms" or anything like that!!! HA! This feels great.

I also wanted to speak more (maybe a little cliche-ish) about the poppy that bloomed for the first time ever last week. I bought 6 poppy plants last spring on my perennial kick, eager to have the vivid orange among the purples and blues that the other flowers would produce. Well, as you may deduce, none of those poppies ever bloomed last year! They looked a little questionable again early this spring, and I was passively frustrated at them for not blooming, and I even moved some to see if they would do better in different light conditions (ironically, the one that bloomed didn't move!). Then, out of the blue, Mr. A and I were playing with Banana in the front yard last week, and all of a sudden I saw the beginnings of a bright orange bloom! WOW!! I had totally written off the possibility that they would flower; boy was I surprised! Now I am hoping that some of the others bloom, too!!

Moral of the story is that I haven't been waiting for new beautiful life alone- this flower waited to bloom for an entire year, and boy when it was its turn was it knockout gorgeous. Additional moral of the story is not to give up hope or write anything off because it doesn't seem possible or look like anything is happening. I had plans of digging up the poppies and putting something else in, but boy am I sure glad I waited a bit longer!

My, my, was that cheesy.

ANYWAY, here's hoping that my 5 little Cl.omid pills are just the fertilizer I need to bust out a blossom!


Sew said...

GO TO WALMART! Clomid $9.00 without insurance paying for it! :)

You haven't done the clomid yet right? Ugg. I am so sorry, it wasn't hell for me the first month. It was the second month on 1/2 the dose. It almost makes me want to cry. :) I am so bloated right now, I look like I am with child. :) I'm such a complainer! But its true.

I think it is some sort of sick joke that IF meds play on us. Hey, the girl can't get knocked up, let's make her look like she is knocked up to satisfy her complaining self! :) YUCK! I hate it!

I am glad that you have a clomid hell buddy! :) I really don't want to rain on your parade. :) Just consider this clomid residual and that I should probably get off the blogs right now. :) Oh and not to mention its 630pm and I could fall asleep. :) Yup, clomid residual. And my word verification is peche! :) I am thinking you pronounce that peachy? hahahaha

Sew said...

Oh and the hostas, brown eyed susans, and hydrangea we planted last year did NOTHING! This year they came back with a venegence! We look at them in utter awe! ;) They are so pretty!

Hillary said...

Yay, so exciting! Glad you have your meds and are ready to go -- lacking a cool prescription bottle and all :)

A said...

Hey Sew! I'll tell K about walmart clomid pricing!! Thanks!! My heart really does go out to you with this cycle's side effects from clomid for you, but it's good for me to see those realities so I don't have an unrealistic expectation that it will be easy as pie. I am praying that the only side effect I get from clomid is a positive pregnancy test- ha! A girl can dream, huh?

Sew said...

It's a great price they have!

I am praying for you!!!! I hope it does the trick for you! And well, for both of us!! xxoo!!