Only 5?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


When Mr. A got home last night, I excitedly showed him my little pills safely in their packaging until 6/8, if I am regular as normal. He goes,

"Only 5? Well that's not so bad!"

Oh, my dear, awesome, blessing-of-a-husband Mr. A. I sure hope you're right! Little baby of ours, come quickly!


Hope said...

Good luck with the Clomid!

Sew said...

He thinks it's not bad now! :) hahahaha

I had a breakdown in the mall on monday while on clomid. I was in tears saying I look like a woman who shops an kmart, I'm fat, ugly and frumpy, how can you love me!

Yes, I was completely serious. Then DH got home the next day from work and I LOST it on him. I wasn't screaming but I was on the verge of explosion, saying all you think I do is lay the heck around this house and do nothing all day, and I can't get out of bed!

To which my husbands response is lets hug it out. :)

I pray you don't have the side effects! I am excited for you! :) It does feel good to have your ovaries hurt! ;)

Grace in my Heart said...

Haha!!! Thank goodness they aren't in a plastic medicine tube! Wouldn't you be petrified you'd drop them when spilling one into your hand?!

I hope one of the five is your little miracle pill! :)