Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh for pete's sake. Spotting?! Seriously?!

Yesterday from about 10am to about 5pm, I spotted light and pink and it never made it to the liner I had on. Since 5pm yesterday, I haven't had any more.

Oh for pete's sake. It is not lost on me that my whole prayer yesterday was for direction, and then I get this 7 hour bout of spotting. Hmm.

I have only had one other episode of spotting in my entire life- in Feb of this year from about 7dpo continuously until my period came- when my gut and heart tell me that we lost our first baby, but the beta was negative after a good amount of bleeding/passing of clots and stuff, so we'll never really know the whole story. Mr. A suspects that any miscarriage that happened could have been due to a very severe illness in our family and the extreme stress related thereto (I was intimately involved for caring for the afflicted family member's family), so he is not discouraged by the spotting situation yesterday! I think my optimism has been contagious...

ANYWAY, I have conclusively decided that anyone who characteristically spots every.single.cycle should be given some sanity award or something. I am about to lose my mind and move to the looney bin! A friend of mine is at the end of her 2ww, and she said she has been spotting for over a week! WHA?

I am praying for our hypothetical baby for whom we have waited for so long! I know that I should.not.assume that it was implantation spotting, so for that reason I have held off on ordering nursery furniture. Heh heh.

I should also add that I was going to mow half our yard today since it is a foot and a half tall thanks to the 11 inches of rain we've gotten in the past week (okay, so maybe I exaggerate the numbers a little...), but now I am nervous to mow the yard for fear of more spotting or hurting the hypothetical baby! Oh for pete's sake.

God be with me!

(Can I suggest that God might be a smarta.....smarty pants? He is up there saying "Oh, you didn't want to start on Mother's Day? Oh, okay, how about two days before?" Aaaaaah!)

**Update: Today I had even less light and pink/peach-ish spotting from 9am to 5pm. What, does this baby only work during the day? Hahahaha....Am I delusional or what?!


Praying for Hope said...

I don't think God works that way, or so I'm told, but I have my suspicions.

the misfit said...

I hereby award you the Infertility Medal of Honor for not purchasing baby furniture (or even TINY SHOES!). You’ve earned it. (I might make a medal-of-honor thingy and some criteria. Ooh…that would be fun!)

In re spotting: well, if you don’t usually spot, and you haven’t done anything weird lately, it’s got to be a sign of something, right? Will be praying for you. In re: spotting all the time: well, if you spot all the time, you just…spot all the time. You don’t wonder whether it’s implantation bleeding, because you know better. (And it happens at a different time anyway.) In your case, however, it sounds like a horse of a different color...

Grace in my Heart said...

Sorry, I'm pretty much clueless about anything cycle related. But, if it is a change in what your body normally does, I take that as a good sign. I'm praying for good news for you!

Hillary said...

lol, I know that 'delusional' world well. Sorry for the stress of all the spotting!! After TTC this long I *try* not to read into any possible pg *symptoms* because my body does new and weird things all the time during the tww. But it's easier said than done.

Oh, and I appreciated the psuedo award for spotting, since I would get to receive that lovely thing! I agree with pp that for us chronic spotters we don't read into it much. But, it is ANNOYING :)