Wednesday, May 20, 2009

24 hours from now I will probably be sitting in the RE office or driving home, and since I'm still on this side of the appointment, I have been thinking alot about what I expect to leave there with tomorrow. Not that I know what I should be able to expect, which is probably a whole other category. And of course, not to mention, we all know that expectations in general are usually dangerous...didn't we all expect to have our first babies last year?

(And, haha, to let you in on a chuckle, I was just thinking that have been expecting to be expecting every cycle for a while now!! Haha, I am cracking myself up! ANYWAY....)

Here is what I'm expecting from tomorrow (those of you who've been to an RE can tell me if I'm crazy or not!)
  1. He'll say that I need a whole new panel of hormone bloodwork all from the same cycle and that Mr. A needs some bloodwork and to give another sample
  2. He might say that since my HSG was in September that I need another one
  3. He'll say that one of the results that was considered "ok" by my OB does not make the cut in the RE world, and (in a perfect world) it will be really easy to fix
  4. He'll be taken off guard when I ask about the clotting blood test
  5. If #3 doesn't apply, he will suggest clo.mid or a lap
  6. If #3 does apply to any of Mr. A's sample from last July, he'll suggest some sort of ART
  7. I will at least have some plan as far as what the RE suggests for further diagnosis/treatment
Is this too much? Are there other fun things that happen at the RE that I don't know about?


the misfit said...

All right, I want to get in on the betting pool. I agree he'll want more b/w from you but would be surprised if he wanted it from Mr. A. Agree he'll want another s/a. I'd be surprised if he wants another HSG so soon. Don't know what result you mean in #3. Agree with #4. He'll definitely suggest clomid. He'll at least mention ART. #7 - agreed. My additional bet: if he's not a napro doc, he'll want at least two rounds of FSH testing. If you've had them and they're in the normal range and relatively recent, he'll prescribe clomid - PROBABLY without insisting on any further b/w or anything. (Or he may redo the FSH just so he has results from his preferred lab.) Then if clomid doesn't work in 6 months he'll go for a full b/w panel, a lap if you have ANY endo symptoms, and MAYBE a repeat HSG.

Also, do you have any endo symptoms? If you do and you haven't had a lap, maybe you'll want one...?

A said...

(#3=one of any result of any test we've done...)

Grace in my Heart said...

I've never been to a RE before, but from what I've heard from other people, I think you've got it covered... How was your bil's graduation?!

Praying for Hope said...

I haven't been to an RE, but from what I've heard from others, he'll want to repeat a lot of the tests aready done because you know they don't trust each others' work.