Mother's Day commercial (and Ball of String)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I am not specifically endorsing 18.00 flowers dot com, but I have to say in the midst of all the other mother's day onslaught, I am so appreciative of their commercial that recognizes "dog moms" in addition to the traditional moms, that I almost want to write them a thank-you letter!

"Every mom counts"... LOVE IT!!!


the misfit said...

I really like that! I mean, I have resisted getting a dog in part because I don't have time to train a puppy (and I want a puppy) and because I really, really want not to parent an animal because I want a baby. Even though I don't have an animal, though, I am grateful that they recognize Mother's Day is divisive. (I would actually get really angry if someone offered me a Mother's Day recognition of any kind, but I appreciate that they understand people feel left out.)

The Wife said...

That commercial is awesome! Should I expect flowers from DH now? :)