Hoping it's a Good Thing

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So, since I've never had ovulation spotting before, I have been goo.gling it up this morning, and based on the obviously-scientific data that I've gleaned from various message board questions and medical information sites, I'm just going to assume that means I am super fertile and that everything is going to be perfect with this cycle, including the clear BFP that I get in 2 weeks. Sounds good, right?


Yesterday afternoon and last night, as I mentioned, I was having some serious soreness in the ovary area, and I think I was also bloated a little bit. And I think I had a hot flash, but I'm not sure if I was just hot or what that was. (I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to making a big deal about symptoms, so sometimes I wonder if I'm having symptoms but just not giving them much attention..) I am pretty sure I ovulated last night, and I'm pretty much all back to normal this morning! I am practicing positive imagery as far as fertilization goes- Mr. A's warriors standing ready as the eggies come waltzing along... I have been thinking that it seems a little long from the fertilized egg to take 7 days to implant. Honestly, how does it not just fall out?! That is a long time for something so small to go such a short distance. I think if I were a fertilized egg, I'd want to set up shop as soon as I got to the uterus (I hope our fertilized eggies don't set up shop too early in the tubes!) and not wait around to implant for 7 days! Hopefully our little ones are overachievers!!

My friend K who is also on her first round of cl.omid just finished her last pill, and she is excitedly hoping that I'll lead the way as far as being a cl.omid success story! I sure hope so, too. We talked yesterday afternoon, and it has been great to be in this together, since both of us are "in this" anyway! We think it is very neat how God has orchestrated our entire lives to this month, where we can support each other through these uncharted waters.

Last night before bed, I felt compelled to read the first chapter of one of my favorite books The Prayer that Changes Everything last night- Praising God as our Creator. (It is an awesome book if anyone has not read it before.) Everything He creates is good, and even though we think some situations or even some people are mistakes, He has a plan and a purpose for them all to work together for GOOD. He never says "oops" or "maybe I shouldn't have done that" or "looks like I messed up". I pray that He's creating a new little life(s) in me these days and that I'll always use my situations (good, bad, difficult, joyful) to glorify Him and His plan for each of our lives. I praise Him for creating the people that I love already, and I ask for the grace to accept them all as they are, despite all of our individual shortcomings. As I was reading last night, I was particularly struck by the desire to ask for the wisdom to pray for those people in the world who, because of varying dire circumstances, appear to not have an impact on the world. Even the seemingly most-unimportant person on the planet was created by our God to have a unique and special purpose in God's eyes.

God, I hope You are creating at least one good little life in me right now, but even if You aren't, give me the peace that You are creating situations in my life that You will use for good later. Be close to those who don't think You have a purpose just for them and those who can't see what You would have them do- show them Your face today!


Hope said...

It is so nice to have a friend to go through this with. Wishing you luck this cycle!

Hillary said...

Everything sounds great! Are you being monitored? Do you know how many follicles you produced?

I love your prayer at the end...so true and faithful. That is my prayer, too!