Restless Sleeps = Babble

Monday, June 29, 2009

I haven't really slept that well for the past two nights or so. I'm not sure if it's an effect from cl.omid or not. I have these crazy unsettling dreams, and then (especially this morning) I wake up feeling unrested. Blast!

Saturday morning the first thing that popped into my head when I woke up was "this is the first day of the rest of your life". Huh? Given my weakness in reading into thoughts/circumstances, I don't usually let my brain run around thinking such provocative things.

This morning, I totally forgot- like, it didn't even cross my mind- to put the coffee on before I left to take Banana for her/our walk. Mr. A calls my cell when her and I are almost home- "Is the coffeemaker broken or something?" HA! OOPS. I don't know what I was thinking- apparently I wasn't- I never forget to make the coffee before I leave for the walk!

We spent the whole weekend doing outdoor/gardening work. My shoulders are a little pink! The weeds in my back flower bed are just out-of-this-world. On my walks around the neighborhood, I never see such rampant weeds as are back there. Why do I never see other people battling such mutants?! Do they weed by moonlight so as to put on a mask that their flowerbeds are so well-behaved that they don't invite weeds? Aah! Of course about 3 hours of my afternoon on Saturday involved floating around in our pool with my book, but I want to emphasize how much weeding I did. Haha. Here is a photo of some carrots from our garden:

Isn't that cool! I have thought alot about how amazing it is that these different vegetables grow into relatively big things from such tiny seeds. It is really incredible- the carrot seeds especially are SO tiny. We also took advantage of the 50% off sale on actual young plants, and added some more tomatoes, some hot peppers, some green peppers, some cantelopes, and some watermelons to our garden! Hopefully it's not too late....we are loving the fresh veggies for sure!!! Maybe eating healthier will cooperate with cl.omid.....

My friend T and her husband's meeting with Be.thany on Friday went awesome! They were told the wait for an infant is 2-3 years. Wow. So needless to say, they've felt called to start the process now instead of waiting to start in January. I am praying so hard that their wait is drastically less than projected! They are feeling peaceful about the process, no matter how long the wait, though, because they know the child and birthmother whom God has set for them will be revealed in His perfect time. God is so good!

I'm 6dpo, and I don't really feel pregnant. Hilarious of me to note, I know, because most little ones haven't even implanted by now, but I was hoping for some early "hello" from down there! I have noticed that the last two nights I'm falling asleep in my recliner by like 9pm, but I'm usually more tired in the 2ww anyway, and I know that it's also a cl.omid thing. Tomorrow morning I go for my 7dpo progesterone check, and I'm hoping for good results (and a healthy baby in March). Otherwise (if no baby), I'm hoping for less-than-stellar results so they will adjust the medication accordingly so maybe we have a better shot. That sounds a little weird to think, but let's be honest here. If I need more clo.mid, I'd like more clo.mid!

I think I've babbled enough for one day! I'll leave you with pictures of the calzones we made for dinner on Friday night!!


Praying for Hope said...

I hope your friends get the little one sooner than later. They have a very balanced attitude about the wait. Never one of my strong suits, I find patient people to be amazing.

I don't think your wish for lousy results on you 7dpo check at all strange. If there's no baby on the way, I'd want the same thing just to move on an try something more.

The Wife said...

We tried to grow carrots one year, but even with importing dirt in our veg garden the came out soooooo small and scrawny that they were beyond pathetic. We ended up giving them to Les to eat.

Hillary said...

Yum, those calzones look delicious!