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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wrote up a whole venting post last night, but in the interest of giving the situation one more day to resolve itself, I'll hold off on letting my snippity side come out....

But other than the vent, I don't have much interesting to say! I keep expecting to have some emotional catastrophe, but so far I feel pretty normal. True to IF form, I think I'll probably end up wishing for some side effects of cl.omid if it means it's working, just like I wish for morning sickness! Hopefully cl.omid is still working incognito!! I already got a high reading on my monitor today (it's cd9), but I read somewhere that the medication can throw off the monitor readings, so we're just planning on covering our bases as if cd14 is the big day (my doctor said you usually ovulate 7 days after the last cl.omid? is that as variable/bunch of crock as saying most people in general ovulate on cd14?).

I have been praying for a long time for faith in God's plan for our family and for wisdom to seek with a patient heart the path He would have us take. I could not see any beckoning path 2 months ago, but now I feel like my steps are sure, at least at this point in the journey. It might not end up like I think it will (I think God likes surprise endings), but that's for Him to know and for me to find out! But, since in addition to wanting us to seek His will and His company, God tells us to pray specifically for what we want, I hereby pray for Him to bless us with conception using cl.omid this cycle, for a happy and healthy pregnancy, and for our first child(ren) to be born in March!

That settles it, I think!


Praying for Hope said...

I hope this particular prayer God decides to answer. A real surprise ending would be to actually get a BFP. I love happy endings.

A said...

I agree- a BFP would be a surprise ending!! ;-)