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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#1 CL.OMID PILL TONIGHT!!! Should I take it after dinner? With dinner? When I go to sleep?

I got a box of mucinex yesterday because the nurse returned my call (they are great about communicating in a timely fashion!!) to say that the RE doesn't usually prescribe antibiotics unless the patient has cer.vititis? She also said that unless a patient has issues with CM normally, they don't usually see a dry-up until the patient is on 100-150mg. I'm okay with trying the mucinex first. Although I might get a cute little bottle if I had another prescription... hehe.

In my heart of hearts, I am just hoping and praying that this med is the boost over the top that we need to conceive this time, that this is what God will use to help us creat our first child. I am trying my best to not assume that it will work on the first try- of course for every girl who only needs one cl.omid cycle, there is another who tried it for 6 cycles to no avail. I trust that God knows what He's doing! I know that this step we've taken is just one more closer to meeting our little one, however the steps are arranged or related to this medicated cycle.

Also deep down, I honestly feel like we are getting close (which may or may not be telling- I think I've been saying that for 6 months!) to expecting our first child. For most of this year, I've felt lost and aimless, and since the RE appointment when I found out about the low progesterone, I have really felt pulled to trying to remedy that. As I think about it, my emotional brain is making the assumption that God is leading us to this path because it has a happy ending (baby in March 2010!), which my logical brain is staunchly rejecting as a safe assumption. (Not to mention, God certainly has some happy ending to our quest for a family, even if it does not include me in labor in 9 months!) But, I'm going to run with the positive for now. Why not?!

This was the daily verse on the local Christian music station for yesterday- I'm allowing it to bolster my faith in God's plan for our family as I start this medication!! Allow it to bolster you, in your circumstances today, too!

"He will not let your foot slip-- He who watches over you will not slumber" Ps 121:3


Sew said...

I would take it right before bed and do the mucinex 2x a day starting now until O. :) xxoo! I hope this is it!

I am on the phone waiting for my progesterone and estradiol results! I am freaking out!!!

I was only on 25mg of clomid! Good Luck!!!!!

The Wife said...

I agree with pp, right before bedtime was the best for me. I didn't really feel any side effects. I did the mucinex at first but I didn't really see a difference. Good luck and I hope this is THE cycle for you and Mr. A!

Grace in my Heart said...

Praying and hoping for the best for you!!! I like how you are leaving it all in God's hands...I think that is a good attitude. Everything is in His hands! :)

Hillary said...

Ohh, I hope you are close!! I'm so excited for this cycle for you!! :)