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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sometimes I am just so thankful for my life. Even my life right now, with no baby in the cradle. (Hopefully in March, haha!) But back to being thankful-

Mr. A and I each had tough days at work, and after walking Banana, we spent some great time relaxing in the pool. It was so nice just to swim and float around and not worry about time and talk about what we'd do if we had unlimited cash (e.g., buy a sailboat, put up a fence around all around our yard, add french doors to my office, replace the sliding doors in our rental property, start a trust fund for our kids). All of these things are just dreams, and it was so nice just to dream with my cherished hubby. Incredibly, nothing sorrowful relating to our lack of kids even entered our heads- it was all positive things that we can do with our kids- 100% assuming they will be here at some point!

I had thawed ground beef to make burgers for dinner, and I was racking my brain to figure out a starchy side without heating up the oven for french friends/potatoes. In a flash of genius, the solution came to us- potato salad! I honestly thought to myself- gosh, if we already had kids, I doubt we would be discussing what I can spontaneously make for a dinner side! I was basking in "just us"...I think Mr. A was, too. I hadn't ever made potato salad before, and honestly it's not usually one of my favorite things, but I followed a simple recipe and added some scallions and oregano from our garden, and I think it turned out delicious!

I had a minor freakout about our timing this afternoon- we didn't get a chance to "get together" yesterday, and when I was thinking about the cramping I had last night, I was suddenly very worried today that I didn't ovulate until yesterday, meaning our last baby making was 2 days prior, on Monday. EEK! But then I emailed K, and she luckily talked me down from my craze. I am 98% sure I ovulated Monday night, so I think it was just a little micromanaging on my part. Me? Micromanaging? Never! Haha! I am just so thankful that God has brought this medicine into my life, and I don't want to mess things up! Of course it is all in God's control anyway- if He wanted one little tadpole to stick around from Monday, you can bet that tadpole would be there!

I think I'm still handling clo.mid pretty well, so I am glad about that! Now for that BFP in 2 weeks...boy, would I love that!


Grace in my Heart said...

Praying that you get a positive!

That is awesome about your garden. I'll have to plant more next year...I only have tomatoes and strawberries. I guess I'm starting off small!

Glad you and Mr. A can enjoy your time together! :)

Hillary said...

Your post made me smile. I love those simple lovely days, too :)