Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, all my cl.omid pills are gone! I have felt really good the last 3 days (last night was my last cl.omid)...the only side effect so far was a slight headache the first couple of days I took the med. I'm not sure if I can claim that I didn't have many side effects from it, because I imagine (?) that most of the side effects happen after the medication is circulating around, and also it's only my first cycle of it. So, the jury is still out, but so far so good! I have now switched my pill-taking to muc.inex in hopes to fend off a dry-up. So far so good on that topic, too, although it's just cd8. Mr. A and I are really excited!!

I also survived our friends' visit, and I have to honestly say that the only time I felt a little jolt of sadness was at a winery yesterday afternoon when the wine-ista (what are they called?) was going on and on about how cute their daughter is (she really is cute, so it was warranted)!! I was so proud of myself. They have really adjusted well to parenthood it seems like, and their daughter is a very happy, easy baby. They know that we've been trying, and when we were talking about it, they were so supportive and prayerful for us! I sure hope we can call them with good news soon. Hey, maybe I got some actual babydust this cycle! Haha! Banana was great with the baby (trial run for March 2010...), and Mr. A and I had fun holding the baby while they washed bottles, loaded the car, etc.

I kept thinking to myself how crazy it was that I was not crying in our bedroom the whole time, or even one time. I think God really protected my heart and allowed/called me to be more focused on rejoicing in this reunion with these good friends (they moved away 2.5 years ago) rather than comparing our family to theirs. Our family is just the right size that God would have it be right now, and so is theirs. Hopefully God has some family-expanding in mind for us very soon, but if not, we nevertheless really enjoyed and were encouraged by our friends' visit.

One funny thing that happened was that I guess the baby woke up screaming at 3am, and yesterday morning at breakfast, our friends were so apologetic. Mr. A and I didn't hear a thing, of course. What if neither of us hears our baby?! Ha!

And the final thing I survived was crushing my finger between the ax handle and a paving stone while doing battle with the biggest weed ever created (seriously God, what is this weed's purpose?!). I was using the ax because, I am not kidding you, the roots were as big as my forearm, and the root ball was the size of a small cantelope. I prepared to pry it out of the ground with a mighty swing, and as I swung the ax down, my spatial relationship skills went out to lunch, and the paver below decided to take a chunk out of my index finger. OW. Good thing I was wearing gloves, but it is certainly a gash/chunk, and it is very bruised. I called Mr. A holding back tears and said I had hurt my finger while I was using the ax (of course he is thinking my fingertip is laying on the ground)... but he determined it isn't broken, so he then started teasing me that he had sustained much worse without making "such a scene". That is the difference between boys and girls, I guess! He was only kidding of course- he was very attentive!!

Well I better get to work- short week with our RV trip starting on Thursday!!


the misfit said...

Glad to hear you had a good visit. Best of luck with the clomid and the mucinex!

Grace in my Heart said...

Good job with the visit! Those types of situations are always tough, but it sounds like you handled everything just perfectly! Wishing you luck and prayers with the first round of clomid. I hope that finger heals quickly...ouch! Have a great short week!

Praying for Hope said...

Well, I certainly hope the Clomid works. I believe the fact that you didn't rush to your room crying over the baby discussion while on Clomid is a good sign that it won't make you miserable. Hopefully, it'll work out.