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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Well we arrived safely home from (I hate to say it) the worst vacation ever. It is very sad to say, but after some less-than-adult (think: 2-year old temper tantrum meets adolescent immaturity silent treatment) behavior by Mr. A's dad, we are not planning on going on vacation with them next year- instead, we are hoping to find a pet-friendly beach house next summer for us and Banana and our baby. (You know, because cl.omid is going to work this month!!!!) We're pretty bummed at how the week ended, but we are thankful that we ourselves had a nice week away from work, etc.

I was supposed to start yesterday, but I've just started spotting, so I think today will be CD1. We'll only have to kick my sisters out of the RV once I think. HA! Hahahahaha. I think it is the first time since 2007 that the arrival of CD1 has not caused me disappointment! To be honest, when I didn't start yesterday, I was actually concerned- I caught myself thinking, I hope a baby didn't implant because I don't think he'd have enough progesterone?! I'm telling you, IF makes your frame of reference so skewed sometimes!

I am really excited and hopeful that God will use Cl.omid to bless us with our first baby. I had a dream while we were away that we had a son, and he was the most perfect little boy we'd ever seen. We were so proud of him! I am going to call the RE tomorrow and request some amoxicilin or ask him if he recommends muci.nex or something. How crazy and awesome would it be to welcome our little one in March?! Come on, baby!


Sew said...

I am so excited for you!!!

If he doesn't prescribe an antibiotic because he wants to see how it goes this month. You can take mucinex. I think it is twice a day 6 days before you ovulate until a few days after if I am not mistaken.

I have a hard time with mucus to begin with so maybe that is why mucinex did not work for me. So it might work since I don't seem to read you have a problem with mucus.

The antibiotic gave me beatiful fluid mucus. Seriously, it was the most beauitful thing I have seen!

Hope that helps! :0

Hillary said...

Welcome home!! And you are sooo close to starting your cycle now -- yay!! :)

the misfit said...

You can just bring a blanket along and wander off to "spend some time looking at the stars" for an hour every night or so, right? It's something that you totally might do even if you weren't ttc. I mean, and wear bug spray.